Progress towards the Live Well San Diego vision is measured across a person’s lifespan within 5 Areas of Influence and 10 Live Well San Diego Indicators which define what it means to live well in San Diego. As more residents improve their health, safety and economic status, there are more opportunities for people to grow, connect and thrive.

The graphs below highlight trends in the Top 10 Live Well San Diego Indicators. While good progress is being made on many of the Indicators, there are still opportunities for new ideas, collaborations and activities to make an impact on these measurements. Scroll to the bottom to view Indicator data by region.  


Health, enjoying good health and expecting to live a full life
health indicator graph


Knowledge, learning throughout the lifespan
knowledge indicator graph




Standard of living, having enough resources for a quality life
standard of living indicator graph



Community, living in a clean and safe neighborhood





social, helping each other to live well

Live Well San Diego Regional Results Summary Reports 

Live Well San Diego Community Leadership Teams connect the collective efforts of community groups in each region across San Diego County. They provide a central point for planning and organizing collaborative action for community change. Working together allows for planning and implementation of innovative and creative projects aimed at achieving the Live Well San Diego vision.

Each Regional Results Summary below summarizes several important efforts from the work of each Live Well San Diego Community Leadership Team, including information on the 2013-18 Community Health Improvement Plan outcomes and data on progress achieved in contributing to positive community change.

Click on the region name below to view each Regional Results Summary.