Heading into its ninth year, the Live Well San Diego vision is becoming a reality for more individuals, communities and organizations throughout the region. Recognized Partners in every sector continue to join the movement, bringing their expertise and expanding the reach of collective efforts that are creating measurable change within San Diego’s diverse communities.


Live Well @ Work

Live Well @ Work is partnering with the business community throughout San Diego County to assist businesses in creating healthier workplace environments that are supportive of healthy eating and active living. By creating a healthier workplace environment, businesses can improve recruitment and retention of healthy employees, reduce healthcare costs, increase productivity, and decrease worksite injuries and sick days.


Blood pressure checks for a healthier workplace environment


Climate Action Plans

Climate Action Plans are long-range planning documents designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to ensure a healthier and more sustainable future for generations to come.  Although the millions of metric tons of greenhouse gases emitted every year in San Diego County cannot be seen, the effects of climate change are becoming increasingly more visible through changes in weather patterns, longer fire seasons, water supply limitations, natural hazards, sea-level rise and other public health implications. Government agencies countywide are developing and implementing Climate Action Plan strategies to reduce community-wide emissions to target levels.



Live Well Communities

Live Well Communities launched in 2016 to address long-standing inequities and disproportionality in historically underserved areas of the county - beginning in the communities of Southeastern San Diego, as well as nearby locations in Lemon Grove, Spring Valley and National City. Working with community partners and stakeholders, the County of San Diego is working to develop new ways to increase resident engagement with regards to health and community services. The result is a deeper level of engagement with the community through improved communication and opportunities for input on special projects, such as the development of a new Southeastern Live Well Center.  Through community feedback, the Center will serve as a hub for community meetings, educational opportunities and workforce training and will put services right where services are needed. 



Map of the Communities of Southeastern San Diego


Strong Families, Thriving Communities

The Clinton Health Matters Initiative, the County of San Diego, and The San Diego Foundation are partnering to improve the health and wellness of children and families who interact with San Diego County’s child welfare and juvenile justice systems. The Strong Families, Thriving Communities coalition developed, and is in the process of implementing, a Blueprint for Action. This includes 29 Bold Action Steps to align child welfare and juvenile justice policies, practices and resources to increase equity and effectiveness for communities, families and children.



Live Well San Diego Community Leadership Teams

Five Live Well San Diego Community Leadership Teams connect the collective efforts of individuals and organizations in regions across San Diego County. Each Team identifies priority areas, in their respective regions, based on community assessment data and each members’ first-hand knowledge of challenges. Having completed implementation of 2013-18 Community Health Improvement Plans, Teams are formulating new Plans for 2018-21 to drive meaningful and sustainable improvements. The Teams serve as community conveners—facilitating opportunities for residents to have a voice in the future of their neighborhoods, so that every resident can be healthy, live safely, and thrive.


Community Leadership Team regional map