County Vector Program Helps Residents Prepare for Mosquito Season

NEWS // JuLy 2, 2018

County Vector Program Helps Residents Prepare for Mosquito Season

Author: Allison Bray, Environmental Health Specialist, County of San Diego Vector Control Program

Mosquito season is around the corner- are you ready? As San Diego mosquito season kicks into high gear from August through October, residents should take precautions to prevent mosquito bites and protect themselves from diseases. San Diego is home to various species including the mosquitos that carry the deadly West Nile Virus and the Aedes aegypti mosquito, a transmitter of the Zika virus, which absolutely loves to bite people.

As these mosquitoes spread throughout neighborhoods, people who have never had mosquito problems before may be noticing a lot more bites.

One San Diego resident who experienced this first hand called the Vector Control Program to report that she was getting bitten by mosquitoes inside her home. When Vector Control Technician Whitney Jimenez first arrived she didn’t see any obvious problems, but a look into an unused guest bathroom revealed quite the surprise!

“At first I couldn’t find any obvious places where the mosquitoes were breeding,” recalls Ms. Jimenez. “But when we turned on the water to a bathtub with a clogged drain, Aedes aegypti came pouring out! The fact that these mosquitoes breed in such small and hard to find containers poses quite a challenge for controlling them, but there is a lot that you can do to prevent them from invading your home and Fight the Bite.”

“Everyone can take steps to control mosquitoes in their homes by remembering to Prevent, Protect, and Report” reminds Nikos Gurfield, Veterinarian for County of San Diego Environmental Health.

For more information on the Vector Control Program and how to be an active partner in the ongoing efforts to stop the spread of the invasive Aedes mosquitoes in San Diego County, visit: or contact the Vector Control Program at: (858) 694-2888.