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NEWS // December 03, 2014

Escondido Police Explorer Post – Providing Youth a Look at Law Enforcement and Public Service

The Escondido Police Explorer Post is on the lookout for motivated young men and women ready to meet the challenges of law enforcement and public service. Young men and women (ages 16 to 21) who volunteer with the Explorer Post will get a first-hand look at the field of law enforcement. Sponsored by the San Diego County Law Enforcement Explorer Advisor Association in cooperation with the Boy Scouts of America Learning for Life Program, the Explorer program provides an opportunity for Explorers to receive hands-on training in areas such as traffic control, enforcement stops, interviewing witnesses, search and rescue, and conducting investigations into serious crimes. Explorers also participate in special events such as assisting with sobriety checkpoints, security at sporting events, and alcohol enforcement details. The purpose of the program is to have responsible young men and women throughout San Diego County explore all aspects of modern law enforcement.

Lieutenant Allen Owens is in charge of many programs at the Escondido Police Department, including the Escondido Police Explorer Post.

“The Explorers work hard and love the program,” says Owens. “They get to interact with officers and community members in a unique way. Many see this program as a stepping stone towards a potential career opportunity in the field. Some don’t necessarily want to be a police officer, but liked the idea of discipline, leadership skills and being around good people.”

Lieutenant Owens started in law enforcement 19 years ago and has been involved with the Explorer Program for many years, watching numerous Explorers follow their dreams and go on to work in law enforcement.

“Several years ago, I flew up to Sacramento to see one of my Explorers graduate the police academy. I worked with him since he was 16 years old. I even attended his wedding recently,” says Owens. “We create bonds with these youth. Respect goes both ways – they respect us and we respect them.”

Goals of the Explorer Program:

Encourage Positive Citizenship – The program encourages desirable character traits, ethical conduct, sound morals, patriotism and respect for law and order so that the Explorers’ exemplary behavior might be emulated by their peers.

Active Participation – By being involved in a positive community-based program, the young person is able to occupy their spare time by providing worthwhile objectives to pursue.

Career Exploration – The Sheriff’s Explorer Program provides young people in the community the opportunity to explore their interests and aptitudes in the field of law enforcement through on the job exposure to the Sheriff’s Department’s various duties.

The Escondido Police Explorer Post program has partnered with the County of San Diego for many years, designating Explorers to help at county events. The program has been an important part of creating and providing successful, safe events to the community.

The Escondido Police Department Explorer Post is currently full. If anyone one is interested in joining the Escondido Post in the future, visit their website. You can put your name on a list and when they have openings, they will contact you. If you want to volunteer as an adult, you can visit the website and fill out an application.