News // August 12, 2014

Siblings Reunited through Camp Connect

On August 7, 2014, 87 children from the foster care system boarded 3 buses to spend 4 days camping in Julian with their siblings as part of San Diego County’s Camp Connect program. Camp Connect is designed to reunite siblings who have been separated due to their placement in the foster care system. The children participated in a number of activities that promoted sibling bonding and encouraged physical health, such as horseback riding, swimming, rock climbing, dancing, volleyball and an inflatable obstacle course.

Research shows that children who remain connected to their siblings while in foster care have better outcomes, higher self-esteem, increased stability in placement, higher rates of graduation and decreased rates of homelessness and incarceration. Camp participants also benefitted from healthy meals and snacks, including multigrain bars, fruit and vegetarian/gluten free options.