Intergenerational Event Brings Parents to Work

NEWS // November 29, 2016

Intergenerational Event Brings Parents to Work

On Friday, November 4, 2016, in coordination with LinkedIn’s global campaign Bring In Your Parents Day, County of San Diego employee Selina Brollini brought her dad, Terrance Brollini, to work. The Child Welfare Services Intergenerational Coordinator brought her dad to work as a way to say thanks for everything her parents have taught her.

This year marks the fourth year of Bring In Your Parents Day and thousands of employees and parents around the world have taken part. LinkedIn is about engaging with and building professional networks, as well as giving its users access to knowledge, insights and opportunities. Parents are also a great source of career advice and often provide their children with countless words of wisdom throughout the years. To merge the two, LinkedIn created Bring In Your Parents Day. The event not only provides a chance to say thank you to parents for their advice, encouragement and support, but also helps parents understand what their children do for work. According to LinkedIn, one third of parents do not understand what their children do for a living.

“When I ask my family to explain what it is I do for work, the response is something general about health education,” said Ms. Brollini. “Bring In Your Parents Day was an opportunity for me to not just reiterate to my parents my elevator speech of my position, but to actually involve them in a part of what I do on a daily basis. This gave me a moment to say thanks to my parents for all of their encouragement.”

Parents are a great source for general life advice and are sometimes overlooked as a source of information when it comes to careers. Many parents may have even had more of an impact on their child’s work life than they previously realized – not only are parents actively teaching children vital life skills but they also demonstrate how to approach a multitude of situations.

“Throughout a child’s life, they have the opportunity to witness some of the experiences that their parents are involved in during their parent’s careers,” stated Terrance Brollini. “Through Bring In Your Parents Day, I had the opportunity to get a clear understanding of what Selina’s responsibilities and duties entail and to meet a few of the individuals she works with.”

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