Mental Health Systems Getting Healthy

NEWS // June 24, 2015

Mental Health Systems Getting Healthy

Mental Health Systems (MHS) has embraced the spirit of Live Well San Diego with ongoing Wellness Committee health challenges, cheered on by the “Getting Healthy” Facebook page. Developed as a way to share success and gain inspiration towards getting healthy, the page for MHS employees has helped build connection and community as members strive to reach wellness goals.

In its first quarter, the Wellness Committee’s “Get Up & Go” wellness challenges have garnered the participation of 21% of the agency’s employees and is close to reaching the goal of 50% employee participation by the end of the second quarter.

All challenges required commitment and effort as employees worked towards an ultimate walking challenge of 10,000 steps or 30 minutes each day, to meet the national standard for physical activity.

“I love walking and now I walk 8,000 to 11,000 steps per day. To be able to increase my steps was great. It was definitely challenging at times, but my blood pressure, cholesterol and weight has dropped,” said one MHS employee.

Challenges along the way included:

  • 10 minute walks in the parking lot or through the halls during break or stepping that up by climbing stairs instead
  • Stretches to warm up before and after each walk
  • Picking up the pace by walking faster
  • Finding hilly areas to walk
  • Taking family or friends for walks on the weekends

The next scheduled Wellness Committee challenges focus on “Go Fresh and Get Fit!” and a crowd of MHS employees are excited about living well by working to meet those new “Fresh” and “Fit” goals.