Older Adults Pass the Wellness Torch

NEWS // May 5, 2016

Older Adults Pass the Wellness Torch

Live Well San Diego recognized partner, North County Health Services, hosted the inaugural Golden Years Intergenerational Games at Hollandia Day Park in San Marcos on March 31, 2016. Older adults from the North County Health Services Golden Years program participated in an active, fun-filled day with their grandchildren to promote physical activity and increase knowledge related to nutrition and wellness.

The excited adults and energetic youth paired up and participated in activities including sack races, caricature, hula hoop, egg races and dance competitions. Members of the Golden Years support group dressed up in ancient Greek costumes and participated in a ceremony of ‘passing the torch’ from one generation to the next.

All participants received goody bags with health information and an Intergenerational Games t-shirt to commemorate the day. Participants were proud to present each other with Olympic-style medals to recognize the accomplishments of the day and all walked away with great memories and new healthy habits.

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Golden Years Intergenerational Games participants display their wellness torch