Program Bridges the Cultural Divide in Child Welfare Services

NEWS // April 28, 2016

Program Bridges the Cultural Divide in Child Welfare Services

The Cultural Broker Program in Central Region Child Welfare Services is an exciting program that is aimed at reducing the disproportionate number of African American children in the Child Welfare System. The program works to strengthen the relationship between the Child Welfare System and clients it serves to create better environments and outcomes for African American families. Cultural Brokers are members of the community that advocate for families as well as help families navigate through the Child Welfare System. Cultural Brokers help educate families on important topics such as:

  • Child Welfare laws and system processes
  • Understanding and implementing safety measures to ensure the well-being of children
  • Positive steps to prevent the child or children from being removed from the home
  • Developing effective communication skills
  • Strengthening time management skills and life skills
  • Navigating the systems within the community
  • Locating and accessing information and resources
  • Understanding and demonstrating acts of protection towards their children

The Cultural Brokers also attend Family Centered Meetings where they meet with Child Welfare staff and their support network in order to facilitate joint decision making with the families. The program advances the Live Well San Diego vision and Diversity and Inclusion by building a better service delivery system to strengthen fairness and equity in the Child Welfare System.