Making Data Available to Build a Culture of Health

NEWS // November 5, 2015

Making Data Available to Build a Culture of Health

The success of Live Well San Diego has resulted in a higher demand for data and information. To keep the public informed of progress, the County of San Diego has launched two data platforms that harness and humanize data. Harnessing data means gathering data in a way that respects the privacy of our residents and customers, and making it available in a way that makes sense for members of the community, regardless of their interests or professions. Beyond communication, “humanizing” the data means gaining a greater understanding of the people behind the data, and the priorities, policies, resources, and actions that will positively impact them. If governments, schools, businesses, communities, families and individuals collectively take the actions that have the greatest positive impact for our region, together we will achieve the vision of Live Well San Diego—a region that is Building Better Health, Living Safely and Thriving.


Live Well San Diego Open Performance Dashboard

The Live Well San Diego Open Performance Dashboard is a reporting platform for sharing County Performance measures, standards and progress over time on the Live Well San Diego Top 10 Indicators and Expanded Indicators. This public facing, web-based data tracking and visualization tool is user-friendly, interactive, and can be used by internal and external customers, partners, communities, individuals, and other governing bodies.

Website features include:

·       Indicators displayed by Area of Influence

·       State and federal comparisons where available

·       Infographics to humanize the data

·       Charts/graphs by region and by Supervisorial District

·       Explanation of why the Indicator was selected

·       Information about actions that can be taken to improve outcomes

·       Information about the data definition, measurement and source

·       Resource sheets


Live Well San Diego Open Data Portal

The Live Well San Diego Data Access Portal is a single repository for aggregated, secondary data that optimizes access, use and exploration. Data can be displayed in an excel spreadsheet, chart or graph format, and any user can create a private workspace to save his or her research and special views created from the datasets.  The Data Access Portal provides online access to accurate and reliable public data to empower individuals, communities and organizations to achieve better outcomes in public services such as health, education, public safety, and environmental wellness.

Initial data categories include:

·       Demographic profiles

·       Non-Communicable (Chronic) Disease

·       Communicable Disease

·       Maternal and Child Health

·       Injury

·       Behavioral Health

·       Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias

·       Maps, Charts, Graphs and Reports

Where available, data is provided by age, gender, race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status and community.

In launching these user-friendly, public facing websites, the County aims to spark innovation, support research, and engage public participation to foster a culture of health that enables all San Diego County residents to lead healthy, safe and thriving lives.  The websites promise benefits for policymakers, consumers, community leaders, the media and others who seek to leverage data to support data-informed policy development, and to help data-driven decision making.  Accessibility to community data is important to support the Live Well San Diego vision and to our regional partners and residents, as we strive for the results that will improve outcomes for everyone.