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NEWS // November 5, 2014

The Exploration of Healthy Eating with a Garden Project at Polinsky Children’s Center

The Polinsky Children’s Center (PCC) Garden Project is a hands-on community garden experience with volunteers and youth that encourages the exploration of healthy eating through growing fresh vegetables, fruits and legumes.  PCC is fortunate to have a volunteer horticulturalist who provides expertise and teaches the children the art and science of growing fruits, vegetables and flowers

PCC also has cooking classes for youth that include nutritional education. The classes introduce youth to fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains while the nutrition education portion teaches them about proper portions, basics of nutrition, confidence to try new flavors, and how to eat healthy.  They practice these concepts in the cooking classes where they use food from the garden or seasonal foods. The goal is for these efforts to carry over into home life for healthier food choices, which may help to lower the obesity rates and preventable disease in youth, such as diabetes.

PCC's garden provides an opportunity for youth to be creative, participate in cooperative efforts, and best of all, to have fun.