Chargers Urge Harborside Students to ‘Fuel Up’ with Fruits and Vegetables

NEWS // October 15, 2015

Chargers Urge Harborside Students to ‘Fuel Up’ with Fruits and Vegetables

The San Diego Chargers recently presented a ceremonial $10,000 check to Chula Vista Elementary School District (CVESD) Board President Glendora M. Tremper, Board Member Eduardo Reyes, Ed.D., and Superintendent Francisco Escobedo, Ed.D. In partnership with Fuel Up to Play 60, the NFL and the California Milk Advisory Board, the Chargers awarded the District a Hometown Grant. The award was presented at a special assembly at Harborside Elementary, where Chargers kicker Josh Lambo, defensive tackle Sean Lissemore and linebacker Manti Te’o then fired up the students with a series of fun, fitness-themed activities.

Fuel Up to Play 60 is an in-school nutrition and physical activity program where youth are encouraged to consume nutrient-rich foods (low-fat and fat-free dairy foods, fruits, vegetables and whole grains) and achieve at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day.

The Chargers selected CVESD for the Hometown Grant because the team was made aware of the District’s Growing Healthy Children initiative, which has dramatically reduced the numbers of students who were obese or at an unhealthy weight. CVESD was the first school district to partner with San Diego County on Live Well San Diego, and is active on a number of health-related programs and coalitions in the Chula Vista community. District officials noted all stakeholders – students, parents, community and local government – needed to be involved in the fight against obesity.

Over a four-year period, Harborside made the greatest improvement among CVESD schools in moving students to better health, as measured by the District’s Body Mass Index (BMI) assessments. Harborside increased the number of students in the normal range from 46.5% in 2010 to 54% in 2014 – a 7.5 percentage point increase. Harborside students have also seen an 8.9 percentage point drop in students in the obese category. 

Each of the 32 NFL Clubs provide a Hometown Grant in their respective communities in the area of youth health and wellness. The NFL grant will help fund transportation for students at District schools on the west side of Chula Vista to attend the “Exercise the Dream” program at the Olympic Training Center, located on the east side of Chula Vista.