Alliance Healthcare Foundation

Alliance Healthcare Foundation (AHF) was formed in 1989 through an innovative partnership of healthcare, business, labor and consumer advocates and works to advance health and wellness for the most vulnerable in San Diego and Imperial Counties - the poor, uninsured and underinsured, children and the homeless. AHF joined Live Well San Diego as a  recognized partner on September 12th, 2018 and envisions a San Diego County region where equitable health resources lead to universal health and well-being. AHF accomplishes this work through collaborative funding, convening and advocacy. From the beginning, AHF represented and was comprised of diverse individuals, united by a common commitment to improving the health and wellness of the entire San Diego community. AHF has historically assumed a leadership role, pioneering innovative projects that have had a great impact on the health of our region. To date, AHF has made over 300 grants totaling more than $45 million to programs and services that improve the quality of life for our community. AHF has leveraged an additional $41 million from national and local funding partners with similar goals.

AHF currently operates a portfolio of five programs: i2 is AHF’s innovation initiative, also referred to as “venture philanthropy” — based on the thesis that innovation capital (often high risk, high reward) is needed to transform the current paradigm (high cost and poor outcomes) and improve quality, increase capacity and reduce costs; Mission Support — based on the belief that trusting those closest to their constituents and providing core operating support for great organizations will best advance their mission; Responsive Grants — based on the belief that it is important to be responsive to time-sensitive community needs and opportunities; InvestUp — based on the belief that it is important to actively and strategically be looking for ways to meaningfully advance the AHF mission and that it is worth spending some or all of their corpus — beyond the earnings off of their endowment — if they can substantively, sustainably and positively change the dynamics; and Program Related Investments, also referred to as “impact investments,” based on the thesis that AHF can activate their investment portfolio to achieve more positive impact.


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