Community Leadership Team


North County Community Leadership Team

Working Together to Improve North County Communities

Live Well San Diego regional leadership teams tie together the collective efforts of community groups in each region and provide a central point for planning and organizing collaborative action. The North County Community Leadership Team was formed in January 2012 to help guide planning for health and safety priorities in the region and to foster information sharing and connectivity among group members.  This collaboration includes community leaders, stakeholders and residents that are engaged in community improvement efforts to help educate and mobilize communities, develop and address priority needs, identify resources and plan actions to improve the regions’ health and well-being. These activities help to inform the regions’ Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) which details key priorities, strategies, resources, projects and programs that can be leveraged to address the Building Better Health Living Safely  and Thriving components of the Live Well San Diego vision specifically in North County. 

North County Priority Areas

Building Better Health

  • Increase physical activity
  • Reduce the prevalence of poor nutrition, food insecurity and hunger
  • Reduce the prevalence of mental health and substance abuse challenges

Living Safely

  • Increase disaster preparedness
  • Reduce crime
  • Reduce unintentional injuries
  • Reduce drug abuse and underage alcohol use


Priority areas still to be determined by Community Leadership Team.



Pending partners are encouraged to attend to learn more about the Live Well San Diego vision. To learn more about what's going on with recognized partners in North San Diego County, visit the News & Partners page.

The North County Community Leadership Team's vision is that healthy choices are easy, prevention is priority, services are accessible and communities are safe.

For more information or to be included on the email list, please contact Stephanie Escobar at (760) 740-3044.



3rd Tuesday of the month

Meeting locations vary each month