Data & Results

Partner organizations, policy analysts and residents are leading the way to identify priority needs and make long term changes in support of the Live Well San Diego vision. Visit the sites below to learn more about how data is used to inform planning and improvement metrics in the San Diego Region.

Indicators Dashboard

This interactive, user-friendly website displays the latest data available for the Live Well San Diego Top 10 Indicators and related measures (Expanded Indicators).

Data Access Portal

This data access portal serves as a single repository for the most recent demographic, economic, behavioral and health data available by communities in San Diego County.

Top 10 Indicators

The Top 10 Live Well San Diego Indicators measure the collective impact of partners and the County of San Diego over the long term to create a San Diego region where all residents are healthy, safe and thriving.

How to Measure Progress

Partners are encouraged to evaluate their programs and activities using standardized tools and best practices.  Find resources for measuring collective impact here.


San Diego Network of Care

These innovative, local-delivery Web portals enhance health and safety decision-making by providing community stakeholders and individuals with data and resources in an easy-to-read format.