31-Day Challenge

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Whether you are looking to make changes in your own life or want to lend a voice to create change for the greater good, you can grow towards a healthier, safer and more thriving life by participating in the award-winning 31-Day Challenge.  The 31-Day Challenge is a daily text or email notification to encourage you to try new ways to live well each day for a month. Each daily notification will offer a Healthy, Safe or Thriving themed call-to-action, along with resources from Live Well San Diego Recognized Partners and County of San Diego programs related to the challenge. Sign up with friends to live well together! 

2018 July 31-Day 5K Fitness Challenge

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The July Live Well San Diego 31-Day 5K Fitness Challenge will take place July 1-31, 2018 and is designed to help you increase your physical activity and activate your fitness goals towards a healthier, safer and more thriving life. Participants can opt-in to receive a daily notification via email, text or Google calendar offering a fitness challenge and training tip to help you prepare to run or walk in the Live Well San Diego 5K on July 29, 2018.

If you are planning to participate in a 5K, we welcome you to take the Challenge anytime of year by downloading the 2017 Fitness Calendar and Log Sheet. The training schedule outlined in the 2017 Fitness Calendar and Log Sheet shows the average time, distance or additional steps you need to complete each day to help get you ready to participate in a 5K in 31 Days. It was developed in partnership with Live Well San Diego Recognized Partners Everywon and Sirius Fitness and the County of San Diego’s Employee Wellness Program.

Look for meet-up walks, hikes and bike rides throughout the month of July 2018 to help participants get in their steps and enjoy a workout with others. We hope you'll check back soon to learn more about the next 31-Day Challenge!

Sirius Fitness
County Wellness Program
31-Day 5K Fitness Challenge


The January Live Well San Diego 31-Day Resolutions Challenge starts on January 1 and ends on January 31 and is focused on New Year's Resolutions.  Residents from all over the county signed up to complete the daily challenges and in the process learned more about ways to live well. Challenges were distributed via a daily text or email.  In addition, participants were invited to download a 31-Day Challenge iCal calendar that could be added to their smartphone or computer calendar in lieu of receiving a daily text or email.  

If you missed the January Resolutions Challenge, you can use the checklist below to help you live well every day.

Here’s what participants said about last year's Challenge:

“I encouraged my family to eat more vegetables, volunteered at Feeding San Diego, made a doctor's appointment and many others!”

“It was a good incentive and fun to do it with my team.”

“Each [challenge] has been helpful in keeping 2017 positive and moving toward a healthy and balanced future.”