Caleb with Curls: Live Well Every Day!

Caleb with Curls is a local 5-year-old boy on a journey to learn how to live well. In each episode, Caleb will set off on an adventure to interview Live Well San Diego Recognized Partners and other local organizations to find out what they are doing to help San Diego County residents be healthy, safe and thriving. 

Watch Caleb explore the 101 Ways to Live Well and you may learn how to live well, too!

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Epidode 5: Goal Getting

Caleb visits the San Diego Central Library and Channel 10 ABC News to learn all he can to achieve his goal of being on TV. 

Previous Episodes

Episode 5: Helping Others (Part 2)

Caleb visits Feeding San Diego and Meals on Wheels to learn about Live Well Tips #75: Support a Hunger Relief Organization and #71: Volunteer at a Food Pantry.

Episode 4: Helping Others (Part 1)!

Caleb interviews Teri Inc., the ARC of San Diego, the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services and Volunteers of America to learn about Live Well Tip #80: Provide Help to People with Disabilities and #91: Become an Animal Services Volunteer.

Episode 3: Money Matters!

Caleb learns about saving money and smart spending with San Diego County Credit Union. Some tips to live well through financial health are: #48: Open a Savings Account, #53: Use Your Bank's ATMs to Avoid Fees, #41: Establish a Budget, #66: Stick to Your Shopping List, #88: Think Twice Before Purchasing to Reduce Impulse Buying, #59: Shop Second-Hand Stores and #36: Try a Money-Free Weekend.

Episode 2: Family Fun!

Caleb loves doing things with his family. In this episode, Caleb and his family members visit Ranger Kyle at the County of San Diego Louis A. Stelzer Park and learn about Live Well Tips #3: Have a picnic in the Park, #22: Go for a Hike in a Nearby Park, #51: Have a Device-Free Dinner and #76: Visit a New Place with Your Family. 

Episode 1: Meet the Military!

Caleb visits the County of San Diego Veterans and Military Resource Center and the 2-1-1 San Diego Connections Center to learn how service members live well. Caleb learned about Live Well Tip #8: Contact Courage to Call to Connect with Veterans Services and #18: Talk to a Military Veteran. 


Caleb with Curls