Love Your Heart Partner Portal

Materials for promoting Love Your Heart 2019 and sharing blood pressure information at your screening site are below. 

Save the Date Flyer

2019 Save the Date Flyer (English / Spanish)

2019 Media Kick-off Save the Date


Social Media - 2019 Kit Coming Soon!

2018 Social Media Kit

2018 Social Media Kit Appendix: Spanish

#LoveYourHeart Poster for Screening Sites


Email Blast Templates

2019 Save the Date for Attaching to Email

Email Encouraging Employees to Get Screened


Recruitment Flyers

General Organization Recruitment Flyer

Healthcare Organization Recruitment Flyer

Dental Office Recruitment Flyer

Medical Volunteer Recruitment Flyer

General Volunteer Recruitment Flyer


Tools for Screening Sites

Paper-Based Data Collection Tool - Coming soon!

Sample Consent Form (Double Sided English/Spanish)

Photo/Media Consent (English / Spanish)


Educational Materials for Screening Sites

2019 Blood Pressure Guide (Double Sided English/Spanish)

Quick Reference Guide for Medical Workers

Heart Health Tips in English, Spanish, Somali, Arabic, and Vietnamese

American Heart Association Handout – What is Blood Pressure?

American Heart Association Handout – How Can I Reduce High Blood Pressure?

American Heart Association Handout – How Do I Follow a Healthy Diet?

American Heart Association Handout – What About African Americans and Blood Pressure?


Presentations and Trainings

2019 Love Your Heart Partner Recruitment Presentation

2019 Screening Site Orientation Training - Coming Soon!

2019 Survey Monkey Data Capture Training - Coming Soon!

2019 Volunteer Training - Coming Soon!

2019 Checklist & Material Pick-Up - Coming Soon!


Posters and Fliers Save the Date 8.5x11 Printable Flyer

8.5x11 Flyer (Spanish)

8.5x11 Customizable Flyer

18x24 Poster

18x24 Boletín en Español

General Recruitment Flyer

Directional Sign - Right Arrow

Directional Sign - Left Arrow