9:00 AM - Opening Session

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10:15-11:15 AM    Breakout Sessions



An interactive overview and brief history of the Live Well San Diego vision for healthy, safe and thriving communities will be presented, along with dynamic examples of Collective Impact from the community. Partner Liaisons will be present to answer questions. This is a great session for new Partners and those looking to reconnect with the Live Well San Diego vision. Partner Liaisons will be present to answer questions.

Growing Your Mission: Financial Options Beyond Grants

Community nonprofits and businesses are key to a thriving San Diego.  But, grants, donations, and credit cards are not always enough.  Come learn about how impact investments can fill a one-time gap, diversify your revenue, and strategically grow your mission.  In this session you will learn about: real impact investment examples, if this type of capital makes sense for your organization, and how to become investment ready.

Climate Change: Why it matters and how you can help

The impacts of climate change on our physical environment are well known, but what about the impact on us as individuals? You’ll learn from local experts about your risks and health impacts, and you’ll be able to provide input on how we can become more resilient. Join this very important session detailing the current regional efforts in food sustainability, waste diversion, and the conservation of natural habitats.

Driving Positive Customer Outcomes with Person-Centered Care

Uncover the intrinsic value of person-centered care and identify opportunities to adopt a more person-centered model. People Assisting The Homeless (PATH) San Diego and San Diego State University’s HealthLINK Center will share how you can foster a person-centered culture and empower positive customer outcomes through coordinated care. Walk away with tools that you can begin using now.

SCHOOLS SUMMIT Connect & Thrive: What is Important to Your School?

Join us to learn about local resources available to school staff, students, and families.  Get connected with representatives and providers about opportunities and best practices in your region.


11:30 AM-1:00 PM    Lunch and General Session

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1:30-2:30 PM    Breakout Sessions


The Workplace Reset: From Threat to Thrive in 3 Courageous Steps

A contextual look into how organizations can use wellness initiatives to create a culture of psychological safety. By rethinking stress in the workplace, redesigning environments to account for innate challenges for people as employees, reconnecting through social engagement, and an environment focused on thriving, we can begin to reset ourselves, each other, and our organizations.

Contracting Basics:
OppoRtunities and resources

Do you want bigger and better opportunities for your organization? Explore the contracting process and opportunities for doing business with government agencies. Hear how the process works from large agencies and learn how you can access resources that support small businesses and community-based agencies. Key information will be presented on partnering with education, transportation, and workforce development sectors, as well as the County of San Diego.

Everyone's Business: Cultivating Dementia-Friendly Service Delivery

Enhance your organization’s ability to respond to the diversity of customers. Cultivating service delivery that is tailored to the unique needs of over 84,000 San Diegans living with dementia is critical. Hear how one local organization adapted their culture to increase dementia-friendly capability and learn simple steps your organization can take towards building a dementia-friendly San Diego.

Addressing the Intersection of Mental Health, Homelessness and Criminal Justice

The District Attorney’s Office will highlight their innovative approach to improving public safety outcomes when individuals experiencing homelessness or mental health challenges come into contact with the criminal justice system. Using a multi-sector, collaborative approach, ten recommendations for broad-sweeping changes have been created. Attend this session to ask questions, learn next steps and discover how you and your organization can take part.

A Healthy School Climate: Advancing Student Success and Attendance

A collaborative discussion on attendance best practices and successful chronic absenteeism reduction strategies, including an overview of new district data and a report from Live Well Schools.

Resident Leadership Academy (RLA)
Council Meeting

Resident Leadership Academies build the capacity of community leaders to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods through projects related to issues such as crime prevention, active transportation, and healthy food systems. Join the RLA Council meeting, a quarterly convening that serves as a strategic hub for the RLA network, where members network and share best practices on implementing community improvement projects..


3:00-4:00 PM    Breakout Sessions


Partnering For Communications

Getting started on the road to partner collaboration can be unclear if you don’t have a roadmap. Discover how organizations are successfully partnering to improve engagement and the steps they took to start and maintain collaboration. Learn how to leverage the Live Well San Diego brand to increase your reach in this continuation of the Communications Summit, held in May 2019.

Special Note** Partner Liaisons will be present to answer questions and provide information specific to your partnership at the end of this session.

Managing and Sharing Your Data - Understanding Opportunities and Limitations

How can you maintain trust with your partners and still comply with contractual and legal data sharing requirements? This session will help you better understand the opportunities and limitations of collecting, using, and sharing data with partners, whether you're hoping to streamline workflows or improve community health. Learn from experts in the field about best practices, resources, and tools to guide your data sharing projects.

Thriving in San Diego County: Driving a More Inclusive Regional Economy

Discover how to harness the power of collaboration. This session provides a key basis for understanding what makes a local economy inclusive - the traits that make sure everyone can benefit. A range of perspectives and specific calls to action will be presented about how Live Well San Diego Partners, regional and state-level organizations can work together to foster robust economic opportunities that improve the community, and enable every San Diegan to Live Well.

Cultivating EQUITY

An introductory journey into the complexities of equity and how unconscious bias plays a part in perpetuating inequities in all organizations. A video excerpt from "Allegories in Race and Racism" will kickstart a dynamic discussion of Live Well Communities; neighborhoods that experience inequities, disparities, and disproportionality. Take the Equity Impact Assessment to prevent potentially adverse consequences of bias in your own organization.

School Safety: Envisioning Safer Schools

Participants will be provided with culturally responsive interventions, tools, and resources to more effectively assess for and enhance school safety, increase response effectiveness and improve school, community, and parent communication.

Integrating Planning and Public Health for a Healthy, Safe, and Thriving Region

In this invitation-only convening, city planners or their designee will learn about the concept of a County-wide Healthy Cities Agenda. City planners and County staff will share about the importance of creating policy, systems, and environmental (PSE) changes through planning and public health. This session will encourage interactive discussions to create a Healthy Cities Agenda for the region that includes all municipalities and unincorporated areas of San Diego County.