Best Practices for Cities and Governments

Live Well San Diego strives to connect organizations of every kind—cities and governments, businesses, healthcare organizations, schools, and community- and faith-based organizations—through a shared purpose. Cities and local governments throughout the region have the potential to reach residents and policy makers throughout San Diego County. Working together, partner cities and governments are sharing best practices and advancing policies and programs that support healthy, safe and thriving communities.

Cities and governments are working together to improve safe routes for pedestrians and cyclists, hosting Resident Leadership Academies to empower and equip residents with the tools to change policies in their neighborhoods, and enacting new ordinances promoting safety and health for all residents. They are encouraging residents to eat healthy and be active by building community gardens, promoting farmer’s markets and improving parks and recreation facilities. Cities and governments are extending smoke-free air protections in public spaces.

Local jurisdictions are also increasingly incorporating health, safety and environmental sustainability into planning and land use practices. Regional collaboration can further our readiness for disasters and emergencies. Prescription drug drop-off boxes have the potential to remove thousands of pounds of drugs off our streets. Placing a focus on our at-risk youth can break the cycle of crime and give every resident the opportunity for a higher quality of life.

In the coming year, cities and governments will be encouraged to share best practices for Safe Routes programs, which will further enhance active living, safe transit and overall well-being for residents. 

Best Practices for Cities and Governments

  • County of San Diego: Eat Well Practices

    Provides best practices for foods and beverages offered at County facilities to create healthy food environments that make it easy to live well.

  • image

    city of coronado: bicycle master plan

    Coronado's comprehensive plan to create an environment where riding a bike is considered normal and safe.

  • childhood obesity initiative: government

    Forum for city, county and tribal governments to advance policy and planning strategies that help establish active, healthy and thriving communities.


  • City of Oceanside: Bicycle and pedestrian safety plans

    The City of Oceanside's bicycle and pedestrian safety resource guide, including committee descriptions, objectives and master plans.