Communities across the world are looking for ways to accommodate the growing population of older adults. Due to longer lifespans and decreasing birth rates, older adults make up a larger percentage of the population than ever before. In San Diego County, seniors over the age of 65 will make up an estimated 21% of the population by 2030, up from 13% today.

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As our aging population grows, our region needs to work collaboratively to create communities where people of all ages and abilities can thrive. A regional framework is critical to guide efforts to meet the needs of older adults, including providing care and support, affordable housing, accessible transportation, and opportunities to work and volunteer. Engaging older adults is key, as our communities can benefit from their wealth of expertise and experience. Together we can create communities that allow people of all ages to be safe, healthy and thrive.



Age Well San Diego is a regional initiative led by the County of San Diego to make our communities better places for people of all ages to live healthy, safe and thriving lives. Through Age Well, the County joins forces with The San Diego Foundation, AARP®, the World Health Organization and numerous community partners and residents to work toward making our communities more age-friendly.


AGing + Equity Workshop

This virtual workshop brought together over 135 attendees, dozens of organizations, and a diverse set of speakers to talk about equity, and how we can tie this concept into older adult-related work, including the County’s Age Well Initiative and Aging Roadmap. Speakers shared their unique insights and expertise and wrapped up the workshop with a live Q&A session.