Health Equity

Health equity means everyone has a fair opportunity to be healthier. It acknowledges that it's hard to be healthy without access to good jobs, homes and schools. These variables create significant differences, or health disparities, that affect a person's ability to make healthy choices. 

Community partners are working together to reduce health disparities in San Diego County by using strategies to promote equitable and sustainable impact to create a region where all residents can Build Better Health, Live Safely and Thrive. 


equality vs equity


Live Well San Diego: Healthy Works is a collection of programs and interventions that address chronic disease prevention and control, promote health equity, and advance the Live Well San Diego vision through policy, systems and environmental changes. Healthy Works programs and interventions promote opportunities that make the healthy choice easier and more accessible in places where San Diegans live, work, learn and shop. Programs are focused in three primary topic areas: healthy eating, active living and smoke-free living.



Measures of progress towards the Live Well San Diego vision revealed that certain communities are struggling to achieve outcomes for living well. They have significant health issues, are more affected by crime, and are less engaged in civic activities. These disparities emerge when data are reviewed by geographic location, age, race, ethnicity, gender and socio-economic level.

Live Well Communities builds upon the Live Well San Diego vision and framework to address wellness and equity in all underserved communities within San Diego County.



The Healthy Cities, Healthy Residents project seeks to create healthy communities by supporting community-based organizations, residents and cities in working together to advance healthy and equitable planning, policies and neighborhood environments. The Healthy Cities, Healthy Residents model aims to build capacity at the grassroots level to address health inequities in our communities.