Live Well Community Market Program

The Live Well Community Market Program provides support for small-to-medium sized markets that are willing to sell healthy foods. Not only does this program work to build better health for residents, but also it has the potential to assist market owners with developing thriving business models that attract new shoppers and increase their bottom line.

The Live Well Community Market Program is designed to:

  • Improve and promote access to healthy affordable foods,
  • Increase availability of fresh produce, redesign spaces to promote healthy foods and
  • Connect with community stakeholders to build a healthier food environment for all San Diego residents. 

Specifically, the Live Well Community Market Program works with owners and operators, of small-to-medium sized markets, to improve interior and exterior store designs and expand promotion and availability of fresh and healthy foods. 

Click here for a video about Live Well Community Market Program success in 2017.



Live Well Community Market Program

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How To Participate


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"Food deserts" and "food swamps" are an issue in many underserved neighborhoods throughout the country, including our local San Diego region. The type of foods that are available (and not available) in a neighborhood affect residents' ability to make healthy choices, such as eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Big grocery stores are not always the best solution to solving inequities in access to healthy foods. Alternatively, there are many pre-established small-to-medium sized markets in underserved neighborhoods that cater to local community needs and have a consistent client base due to convenience and affordability.