Healthy Schools

Children’s health behaviors are influenced by the choices and opportunities available in the places where they spend most of their time: home, neighborhood, and school. School districts across the county have taken active steps to improve overall student health by addressing school wellness policies, access to fresh vegetables, physical activity, social and emotional support, and equity.

smiling school children


Live Well Schools

Live Well Schools is a collaboration of schools, school districts and community partners, led by the County of San Diego. A key strategy of Live Well Schools is to build and strengthen the relationships between partners so that they can better work together to address the impacts that health, health disparities and absenteeism have on academic performance, mental health, and overall quality of life.


Tools for Schools Searchable Resource Database

As a part of Live Well Schools, the Tools for Schools Searchable Resource Database provides school districts and educators with a curated collection of reliable, trustworthy, and free or low-cost resources.