Live Well @ Work
Step 1: Plan

Guidance from the Live Well @ Work Worksite Wellness Toolkit


Regardless of whether your organization already has a worksite wellness program in place or is starting from scratch, planning is a critical first step. Begin by assessing your employees’ needs and interests to help you identify where you can best focus your efforts and be successful. Identify someone in your organization that can help champion your wellness efforts and get others excited about it. Remember the importance of making sure your organization’s leaders support the goals of improved employee health and wellness. These key components will set you up for success!



Assessing your organization’s current health environment is an important first step to plan and focus your wellness efforts. An assessment will give you a clear understanding of what resources and strengths your business already has that support employee wellness, as well as the areas that offer opportunities for improving employee health.



Employee Interest Survey

Understanding your employees’ wants, needs and motivations is another important step towards creating an engaging worksite wellness programs.



Management Support

Top level buy-in or support of management is one of the most important pieces of building and sustaining a wellness program in a small business setting.



For more examples of how Live Well @ Work is implemented at local worksites, visit the University of California, San Diego Center for Community Health Live Well @ Work program page.





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