Live Well @ Work
Step 4: Assess

Guidance from the Live Well @ Work Worksite Wellness Toolkit


Assessment is a way to measure whether or not your efforts have made a difference for your employees and at your worksite. It can be a simple and practical way to highlight your efforts, improve those efforts and determine if your efforts have increased employee access to healthier opportunities. This step does not need to be complicated, expensive or time consuming.


Measuring Progress and Success

Measuring progress, success, and failure is essential for sustaining worksite wellness efforts. This helps wellness leads to determine what efforts to continue and what areas to improve upon.



Program Improvement and Long-Term Planning

Sustaining your worksite wellness program includes improving it while continuing to develop it. In order to sustain your program, make sure long-term planning is included as an integral part of the process. Re-evaluating the past year’s successes and challenges while being flexible and creative with your process is essential to sustainability.






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