Through our online assessment, see how well your organization currently supports physical activity, healthy eating, and other wellness efforts. Based on the results, create your company's personalized Healthy Workplace action plan, utilizing provided resources that include strategies, tools, and support. 

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Healthy Workplace Accelerator Program Preview



For more information, download the Healthy Workplace Accelerator Program overview sheet.



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Schedule an introductory call with a Worksite Wellness Specialist to get started.


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Step 1


Complete the online workplace assessment 1, and get a summary of your strengths and weaknesses.


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Step 2


Receive a badge to showcase your wellness efforts. Progress towards "Influencer" status, our highest level of recognition.


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Step 3


Follow simple steps to customize your action plan. Get access to effective templates, tools, and local resources. 


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Step 4


Connect with like-minded organizations to share successes and ideas.  As a participant of the Healthy Workplace Accelerator Program, your organization can repeat steps 2-5 for ongoing improvement year to year.


1. https://www.cdc.workplacehealthpromotion/initiatives/healthscorecard/introduction.html