Eat Well Practices

The Eat Well Practices are a set of recommended nutrition guidelines for all food and beverages purchased and offered by the County of San Diego. The Eat Well Practices consider the nutritional, environmental and economic impacts of the foods and beverages we purchase and consume, and promote a healthy food system.

Although the Eat Well Practices were designed for food purchased and served at the County of San Diego, some aspects of the Eat Well Practices may help improve consumer wellness wherever food is served. The Eat Well Practices can help bring positive change and model what it means to live well.

eat well practices


The Eat Well Practices aim to accomplish three main goals: To  

  1. Build better health among employees and the public by offering fresh and minimally processed foods; 
  2. Support a thriving economy by capitalizing on the wealth of agricultural resources in San Diego County and California, and increasing opportunities for local farms, ranches, and fishermen; and 
  3. Foster a resilient environment by promoting sustainable practices in County facilities. 

The Eat Well Practices strive to support positive choices and model healthy food environments that make it easier for everyone to live well.



The Eat Well Practices increase the number of positive food and beverage choices available in County cafeterias, meals served in large group-settings, vending and at County-hosted meetings and events. The Eat Well Practices support:

  • Increased water access;
  • Increased healthy food and beverage options;
  • Additional local, organic, and sustainable product preferences;
  • Use of reusable or recyclable food and beverage containers/service ware;
  • Food waste reduction and recovery measures; and
  • Healthy, local and sustainable menu labeling.