The success of Live Well San Diego has resulted in a higher demand for data and information. To keep the public informed of progress, an interactive, user-friendly data dashboard was launched to display the latest data available for the Live Well San Diego Top 10 Indicators and expanded indicators.  Not only is the dashboard meant to harness the latest available data, but it is also meant to humanize that data in a way that helps members of the community gain a greater understanding of the people and stories behind the data, priorities, policies, resources, and actions that will positively impact them. These stories of collaboration highlight how governments, schools, businesses, organizations, communities, and individuals are collectively taking the actions that have the greatest positive impact for our region and on our Indicators. 


Top 10 Live Well San Diego Indicator Collaboration Stories

Click on the buttons below to take a deeper dive into each of the Top 10 Live Well San Diego Indicator Collaboration Stories.  To view the data and trends over time, view the data visualizations below the buttons.




Top 10 Live Well San Diego Indicator Data Trends