The Live Well San Diego vision began in 2010 with the goal of improving health and well-being for all 3.3 million residents living in San Diego County. It relies on the collective impact model to create such large-scale change in our region.

The collective impact model requires a strong backbone organization to provide strategy, direction, and support; to share information, ideas, and best practices; and to help develop connections between organizations from different sectors to make things happen. It requires that those organizations make a formal commitment to the vision, to create a region that is Building Better Health, Living Safely, and Thriving. Finally, a shared measurement system is adopted by all members to track the success of collective actions contributing towards change.

The County of San Diego is the backbone organization working with 503 Recognized Partner organizations throughout the region who have made this formal commitment to the Live Well San Diego vision so that wherever you live, work, play or pray, an organization or individual is nearby working to improve your well-being and the health of your community.


Equity begins when we all work together to better the lives of those around us.


Through Live Well San Diego, individuals and organizations are working together to remove barriers so that everyone has opportunities for success.

Together, we can positively change the conditions in which people live, learn, work, play or pray (Social Determinants of Health) to promote better health and wellbeing so that equity can be possible for everyone. 

Our Top 10 Indicators are monitoring these conditions to ensure that partner efforts are creating a region that is healthy, safe, and thriving...for all.









This past fiscal year, 12 additional organizations and businesses were recognized, making a cumulative total of 503 Recognized Partners through June 30, 2021. Our partners include 22 Cities & Government partners, 103 Business & Media partners, 57 Schools & Education partners, and 321 Community & Faith-Based Organization partners.

To meet the COVID-19-related needs of community stakeholders, the four original Live Well San Diego partner sectors listed above were quickly convened. These sectors were then expanded during the response to meet emergent needs from the community to serve vulnerable populations and additional sectors.

As a part of this response, new stakeholders from every sector developed a connection to the County of San Diego and the Live Well San Diego vision, and we expect to see continued growth in our collaborative partnerships moving forward.


Recognized Partner by Sector

57 Schools & Education Partners

103 Business & Media Partners

22 Cities & Government Partners

321 Community & Faith-Based Partners

Cumulative Number of Recognized Partners by Fiscal Year

JULY 1, 2020 TO JUNE 30, 2021








Live Well San Diego signature events bring individuals, families, and organizations together in support of healthy, safe, and thriving communities.


The Live Well San Diego vision began ten years ago with the goal of improving wellness for all 3.3 million residents living in San Diego County. Developed over the course of two years, through a robust community and stakeholder engagement process, the vision was a response to a startling statistic that found that throughout the nation and locally, three behaviors (poor nutrition, lack of physical activity and tobacco use) were contributing to four diseases (heart disease/stroke, cancer, type-2 diabetes and respiratory conditions) that resulted in over 50% of the deaths in San Diego County (also known as 3-4-50). During the past decade, efforts in support of the vision have driven a 12% reduction in the percentage of deaths associated with preventable health threats (2007-2019, 2020 Report).

The 2020 Live Well San Diego Virtual 5K and Fitness Challenge was held in partnership with 211 San Diego and brought together nearly 2,000 San Diegans virtually through a month-long fitness challenge, culminating in a county-wide virtual 5K race that participants could run from any location. The event celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the Live Well San Diego vision and a decade of healthy, safe, and thriving communities.

The 2020 Check Your Mood virtual event took place on October 8, 2020 in conjunction with National Depression Screening Day. Getting screened for depression is an important part of any healthcare checkup, much like getting your blood pressure checked or being screened for heart disease or diabetes. The event collected over 500 depression screenings online with the goal of helping residents monitor and assess their emotional well-being

The 2020 Live Well Advance Virtual Conference: Stronger Together, Now More Than Ever was held on Thursday, December 3, 2020 and had nearly 2,000 community leaders in attendance, joining together to advance our shared vision. The keynote speaker was Trabian Shorters, the Founder and CEO of BMe Community and a New York Times Best Selling Author of Asset-Framing. The virtual event had nearly 40 virtual sessions, 75 speakers, and over 20 Connection Hub exhibitors. Session recordings are available on the Live Well San Diego YouTube channel.

The 2021 Love Your Heart event collected over 27,000 blood pressure screenings online and in-person at 188 sites across the United States and Mexico with the goal of preventing heart disease and stroke by helping people know their numbers. LoveYourHeart@Home was created to provide accessible blood pressure educational materials, seminars, events, and resources to people online. To help participants check their numbers at home, over 6,000 blood pressure monitors were provided to families in fourth quartile Healthy Places Index communities.

The 2021 San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering took place April 24 - May 2 and was held in partnership with Generation STEAM, the K-12 education arm of Biocom. The event had two full days of live streaming, over 100 pre-recorded general sessions packed with content, and a reach of over 42,000 participants from across the U.S. plus eight other countries.

In partnership with 211 San Diego and the County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation, 2021 saw the launch of a new Signature Event: The Live Well San Diego Trails Challenge. The Trails Challenge was a month-long event held in May in support of physical fitness, mental health, and social connectedness. Over 300 hikers participated in the event across the county which included 4 ranger-led hikes and the final Warrior Hike Challenge on May 29th! All together we reached over 5 million total steps, had 35,000 total active minutes, and donated over 550 meals to the Jacobs and Cushman San Diego Food Bank through the Vizer App.

The Live Well on Wheels (Live WoW) bus provides San Diego County residents access to a variety of health and community services – on the go! The bus is fully equipped to offer a variety of resources including disaster response services and health screenings and is available by request to attend community events and be co-hosted with community partners. Since April of 2020, the Live WoW bus has attended 337 events, serving 26,661 individuals, and won a National Association of Counties Achievement Award for its work to support the testing and vaccination efforts of the County of San Diego.