What do you do at the County?

I provide technical assistance to neighborhood groups, SANDAG, city governments, developers, and non-profits seeking to increase opportunities for walking, bicycling, and transit use.

What do you like most about your job?

My work provides health and quality of life benefits to San Diegans, many of whom are eager to leave their car at home and walk, bike, or ride the bus to do errands, commute, or enjoy recreation.  I can see the result of my work in the joy of residents out being physically active.

What's your favorite memory from your work?

About 12 years ago, a neighborhood organization requested my help getting a protected crosswalk installed so residents could take better advantage of a new neighborhood park that was separated from homes by a busy road.  I faxed them a suggested design, and before I knew it, the City of San Diego had built it!  It’s in my own neighborhood, so I see people using it every day.

What does Live Well San Diego mean to you?

Live Well San Diego is a 10-year commitment to make progress on health, safety and well-being, which is an amazing testament to the County’s long-term perspective.  What other government does that?

Andy Hamilton, County of San Diego
I AM Live Well San Diego

"I am improving communities by making walking, biking and transit use
safer and more appealing
throughout the region."