What do you do at the County?

I oversee programming, bookmobiles and the volunteer program for the Library.

What do you like most about your job?

My reward comes from the direct impact we have on our citizens.  We are able to respond to needs in thoughtful and impactful ways.  Our citizens have the ability to engage and empower themselves to lead the lives they envision for themselves through our services. 

What's your favorite memory from your work?

Summer Meals at the Library.  Seeing a room fill up with hungry kids at a time when schools are closed - it leaves an impression.  I like to think we are feeding the child and the mind through the meal program and associated educational opportunities.

What does Live Well San Diego mean to you?

Live Well San Diego means leading and encouraging others to lead a healthy lifestyle physically, mentally, and financially.

Angelica Fortin, County of San Diego
I AM Live Well San Diego

"Libraries are the building blocks of communities.
I improve lives through knowledge."