What do you do at the County?

I currently wear many hats as a public health nurse.  I am a Home Visitor for the Nurse Family Partnership Program, a program for first-time mom’s to achieve certain health outcomes.  I work for the STD clinic once per month.  I work as the SIDS Public Health Nurse, assigned to cases of parents whose infants died from SIDS to discuss their emotional support status.  And lastly, I am part of the Disaster Rapid Assessment Team, and I was sent out to assess shelters in North County during the 2014 spring fires. 

What do you like most about your job?

I feel that my life is connected to my work in most aspects.  I enjoy teaching about health to others so that they have a chance to achieve self-actualization and learn that changes to our health habits are possible. As Public Health Nurses, we get the unique chance to touch the lives of our clients and their child before birth.  Having hope in my life is what motivates me to wake up, a hope that today will be better than yesterday.  Hope is another thing I try to pass on to my clients.

What's your favorite memory from your work?

All my memories revolve around my co-workers. Together, we participate in Thrive Across America, we have “funky Friday” 15 minute dance breaks, we celebrate each other’s birthdays and achievements, and we enjoy working together. 

What does Live Well San Diego mean to you?

Live Well San Diego means that one day we will have the healthiest city in the nation. We will have created systems for our communities to have access to health care and health information so we can all live happier and healthier.

Cynthia Uribe, County of San Diego
I AM Live Well San Diego

"From physical health to emotional well-being, a public health nurse wears many hats. I am committed to promoting a healthy community."