Nicholas was promoted from Park Project Manager to Housing Program Analyst during campaign development.

What do you do at the County?

As a Park Project Manager I oversaw the design and construction of park improvements and worked with private developers to ensure new large residential developments included adequate park space to serve future residents. As a Housing Program Analyst, I am in charge of two federally funded programs that improve communities in need.

What do you like most about your job?

Having a stable home has so many personal, family and social benefits. In my current role, the programs we administer help people avoid or move out of homelessness, help low-income families buy their first home, and help private industry create affordable rental opportunities within our communities.

What's your favorite memory from your work?

Working with other people who truly believe in helping residents and know that what they do on a daily basis is affecting lives.

What does Live Well San Diego mean to you?

Live Well San Diego tells the story of why we do what we do as public servants.

Nicholas Martinez, County of San Diego
I AM Live Well San Diego

"Parks enhance a community's quality of life. I strengthen the connection between people and the outdoors."