What do you do at the County?

I am in charge of the Animal Care staff and responsible for the animals in our care.

What do you like most about your job?

I am very passionate about this job, I believe strongly in spay and neuter, reducing homeless pets and making the animals time with us as smooth and stress free as possible.  I also believe in living what we “preach.”  My pets are fully vaccinated, altered, licensed and leashed.

What's your favorite memory from your work?

There are so many happy adoption stories.  I once posted on our Facebook page that July is so stressful for the staff and if you adopted from us please put a photo in the comments and give a “shout out” to the shelter you adopted from.  We had 118 comments.  I remembered so many of the dogs; it was amazing.  I do this for the happy endings.

What does Live Well San Diego mean to you?

Giving back. The County pays me to do this job.  I am able to support my family, I have medical benefits and I am so grateful for that but I hope that my contribution to this department and this community has been greater than what I am paid to do.

Tiffany Shields, County of San Diego
I AM Live Well San Diego

"I practice what I preach at home and at work: responsible animal care. I strive to contribute far more than what is expected on behalf of the health of my animal friends."