American Red Cross Works to Prevent Home Fire Deaths and Injuries

NEWS // July 18, 2018

American Red Cross Works to Prevent Home Fire Deaths and Injuries

Every day, seven people are killed and another 36 people suffer injuries as a result of home fires. To save lives and help end home fire tragedies, the American Red Cross launched the nationwide Home Fire Campaign in 2014. The goal of the campaign is to reduce home fire deaths and injuries in the US by at least 25 percent.

As part of the Home Fire Campaign, Red Cross volunteers partner with local first responders and community partners to install free smoke alarms and provide vital fire safety information and training in neighborhoods at high risk for home fires. Locally, the American Red Cross of San Diego/ Imperial Counties hosts their signature Sound the Alarm events throughout San Diego to help prepare residents for unexpected fires.

In just four years, the Home Fire Campaign has been a resounding success. In San Diego, in the last fiscal year alone, more than 9,842 smoke alarms were installed, 1,973 smoke alarm batteries were replaced, and over 3,833 escape plans were created to help families be prepared.

Thanks to ongoing Home Fire Campaign efforts, San Diego, along with communities across the nation, is becoming safer and more prepared for preventable tragedies like home fires. And while over a million smoke alarms have already been installed by the Red Cross and their partners, there is more work to be done. For more information, to request a free smoke alarm installation or to get involved, visit