July 28, 2021

City of San Diego Prioritizes Youth Through New Office of Child and Youth Success

Mina Nguyen, Coalition & Community Projects Coordinator and Intera Suadprathon, Data & Outreach Coordinator for Youth Will

The City of San Diego is on a pathway to become a wonderful place for every child and youth to grow up and it is vital that we ensure youth and their families are set up for success. But what does success look like? 

Success looks like equitable access to affordable childcare and housing, food security, and decreased racial and ethnic disparities in child, youth, and family outcomes. 

On June 21, 2021, through the collective efforts of many community partners, including those in the Early Child and Education Advocacy Coalition, the City of San Diego signed into the budget the Office of Child and Youth Success.

The Office of Child and Youth Success is a critical step towards system-change in our local government, helping to ensure that the voice and input of historically underserved and underinvested communities and neighbors is heard within City Hall. Youth voices and the experiences of working families are a main priority in creating change for the future. With a budget of $350,000, this is an essential step towards intergenerational support and putting our children first. 

“A lot of times we look at issues such as housing, food insecurity, unemployment as issues that impact adults and forget how these issues jeopardize the well-being of our children and youth,” said Warsan Atan, Youth Organizer for Youth Will. “When government starts to listen to our children, to our youth, and to our families, we’ll see the quality of life improve for everyone.”


In taking this stride, the City of San Diego joined other U.S. cities, including Baltimore, San Francisco, Seattle, and Denver, in choosing to prioritize children, youth, and their families. The Office will work towards increasing access to childcare, youth programming, family-friendly employment, and advocating for family and children-centered policies. It will bridge and consolidate existing efforts across the City of San Diego to better mobilize funds, serve and advocate for families, youth, and children in plans and strategies.