July 15, 2021

TransFamily Support Services Latinx Outreach Coordinator Partners with Son to Drive Change 

Laura Gonzalez Garcia, Latinx Outreach Coordinator, TransFamily Support Services

Together, we can do more.

I love this slogan from Live Well San Diego.  It especially resonated with me during this last year. My community was greatly affected by COVID-19, and instead of the pandemic being the great equalizer, it made the disparities in the Latinx community even greater. 

This was even more so for the transgender and non-binary community. During the pandemic, this community was at high risk for COVID-19 infection due to exposure from their jobs in the service industry, delays in access to gender-affirming care, and diminished access to social support, in addition to numerous legal attacks on transgender rights.

TransFamily Support Services has aided efforts to advocate for and educate about Latinx families like mine. Their support has enabled me to connect with other organizations around the continent to better understand different backgrounds and learn about the resources available. 

During the pandemic, I had the opportunity to reach out to families in San Diego County through local media. Together, my son and I did a segment with Telemundo about resources for transgender Latinx families during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also did another segment with Canal Once in Mexico about Mexican families and their transgender children.

TransFamily Support Services helps families who are navigating the transgender journey. By offering specific support to Latinx families, together, we are addressing the wellness and equity of an underserved community.  

Our Impact: Together, we can do more/ Juntos hacemos más

During the pandemic, our efforts not only grew with the use of new technology, but also created a community of care for one of our most vulnerable populations. 

In 2020, TransFamily Support Service provided services to:

  • 419 Trans Folxs and their Families

  • 150 Trans Folxs with Insurance Assistance

  • 130 Trans Folxs and LGBTQ+ Youth and Adults with our Support Groups


  • 11 Schools

  • 6 Medical Provider Trainings

  • 3500+ People


  • $1500 in Gender-Affirming Gear

Advocated for:

TransFamily Support Services is a 501(c)3 non-profit that is based out of San Diego, CA and has been serving the transgender, gender non-conforming, and LGBTQ+ community locally and nationally since 2015. Learn more about the services they offer here.