Recent Study Shows Birth Centers Are a Safe and Effective Option

NEWS // July 20, 2019

Birth Center Gives Best Start to Mothers and Families

Karen H. Roslie, Executive Director, Best Start Birth Center

Although the majority of births in the U.S. occur in a hospital setting, many mothers are now looking for an improved birthing experience by considering childbirth options such as private hospital rooms, home births or births in a freestanding birth center.  To help mothers decide, Best Start Birth Center offers classes, events and resources, as well as free prenatal, postpartum and lactation support to the community to ensure that mothers are supported and aware of the best choices and experiences available to them.

In 2018, a report was published by The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation evaluating the Strong Start for Mothers and Newborns program. This four-year initiative tested new approaches to prenatal care delivery to improve rates of preterm birth for women enrolled in Medicaid. Best Start was a participant in the program which showed that birth center participants had lower rates of preterm birth (6.3 percent vs. 8.5 percent), lower rates of low birthweight (5.9 percent vs. 7.4 percent) and lower rates of Cesarean section deliveries (17.5 percent vs. 29.0 percent) when compared to other prenatal clinics. Overall, birth center participants achieved better birth outcomes at a lower overall cost.

Over the last year, Best Start Birth Center has served 630 women in San Diego. In June 2019, the center helped Alexis and Isaiah welcome their second Best Start baby, Matthias, into the world. Alexis received care from a team of Best Start's Certified Nurse-Midwives during her pregnancy and birth.

“We were given tools via Best Start class offerings and more that empowered us along the way to remain hands-on as first-time, soon-to-be parents in having our birth our way,” shared Alexis.

“We made it to the finish line and successfully delivered our first-born daughter naturally with no interventions in the water at the birth center with our midwife and doula by our side.  I can say without a doubt that our success was a result of the unparalleled support Best Start Birth Center and their qualified staff provides. They are truly our partners in bringing forth life!”