July 22, 2022

Live Well @ Work Helps American Academy of Pediatrics Accelerate Employee Health

Spencer Stein, MPH, Health Equity Specialist, County of San Diego Health & Human Services Agency


On average, individuals working full-time spend more than one-third of their day, five days per week at work. This presents a perfect opportunity to help improve an individual’s health by creating a culture of wellness in the workplace. Evidence-based worksite wellness programs have been shown to increase morale and productivity, while reducing health costs and risk factors for chronic diseases.  The County of San Diego’s Live Well @ Work team recently launched the Healthy Workplace Accelerator Program to assist employers in San Diego County in helping their workforce be healthy, safe, and thriving.  

The Healthy Workplace Accelerator Program is a FREE program that gives businesses access to the resources, strategies, and support to implement a well-designed and well-executed worksite wellness program. The program also includes access to an online dashboard that helps organizations assess and track their current program, find gaps, and develop a strategic plan. With over 50 free or low-cost wellness strategies available through Live Well @ Work’s partners, Worksite Wellness Specialists will help you design and implement a cost-effective and evidence-based program that fits the unique needs and goals of your organization.


PARNTER SPOTLIGHT - American Academy of Pediatrics, California Chapter 3

The American Academy of Pediatrics, California Chapter 3 (AAP-CA3) recently participated in the program. With the help of Live Well @ Work, the AAP-CA3 successfully implemented a new policy aimed at encouraging employees to invest in their own physical and mental wellbeing. The policy includes a $300 reimbursement per year to help employees reach their individual wellness goals, with additional incentives for vaccinations.  

Some examples of reimbursable purchases include:

  • Gym membership
  • Running shoes & sporting equipment
  • Wellness massages
  • Fitness trainer or coach

Additionally, AAP-CA3 recently held an employee wellness event as part of their efforts to strengthen their culture of wellness, create more social interactions, and boost employee engagement. This event was led by a local yoga instructor who connected with AAP-CA3 during a Live Well @ Work networking meeting. These online meetings offer the opportunity for members of the Healthy Workplace Accelerator Program to collaborate by sharing challenges and successes, best practices, and resources. Resources include sample policies, educational materials, and presentations from wellness experts in the community, such as yoga instructors, ergonomic professionals, dieticians, mental health professionals, and other providers of wellness education, programs, and services. 

If your organization is interested in joining the Healthy Workplace Accelerator Program, please schedule a call  with a Live Well @ Work, Worksite Wellness Specialist.