Bob Campbell

NEWS // January 8, 2019

Lead Well to Live Well with Mobility Advocate Bob Campbell

Alexis Munoz, EdD, MPH, Executive Assistant to Agency Director, County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency

In December 2018, the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency presented a Lead Well to Live Well award to community partner Bob Campbell, Board Chairman of the non-profit transportation agency Facilitating Access to Coordinated Transportation, Inc. (FACT). Campbell has been a strong leader and an advocate for improving community mobility in San Diego County throughout his career.

FACT is the only transportation service in San Diego that serves the entire County. Since 2012, RideFACT serves all 18 cities, suburbs, unincorporated, and rural communities by providing subsidized rides irrespective of the trip purpose on a first come, first served basis. The greatest demand is for medical trips, followed by trips to social events, including church and shopping.

As a Live Well San Diego Recognized Partner, FACT is enhancing residents’ access to medical services, clinics and wellness programs - including vulnerable populations such as those with special needs or dementia.

We sat down with Campbell to discuss his connection to the Live Well San Diego vision and how, under his leadership, FACT has worked to positively move the dial on the Live Well San Diego Indicator: Quality of Life.

1.     What does the Live Well San Diego vision mean to you?

Talking with others about Live Well San Diego excites me as it continues to provide opportunities, guidance and encouragement for everyone in our region to improve their own health and the health of their family and friends as well as safely enjoy the abundant opportunities our region provides. I have been fortunate, in being able to visit most urban areas in our beautiful country, along with many abroad, and few offer the same benefits and opportunities we enjoy here in San Diego County.

FACT’s mission is closely aligned with the Live Well San Diego vision to help people live healthy and thrive.  Our organization assists San Diego County residents with barriers to mobility achieve independence through the coordination of transportation services. A lack of mobility is universally recognized as a key barrier to wellness, healthcare and overall quality of life.  FACT is proud to facilitate transportation for seniors, people with disabilities and others faced with mobility challenges by providing specific referrals or rides (RideFACT) throughout San Diego County. Our services are free or very affordable, safe and user friendly … and therefore impacts the Live Well San Diego indicator “Quality of Life” by helping more people to live independently.

Without FACT many of our neighbors might not have reliable access to their healthcare providers, shopping and, just as importantly, be able to truly thrive by getting out and experiencing much of what our fabulous area has to offer.

2.       Please describe your leadership style.

There are many definitions of what qualities are attributable to good leadership. Over time, I have tried to adopt and practice those I feel will provide an environment for those I have had the pleasure to work with to grow their special knowledge, skills, personalities and personal goals in keeping with the mission and goals of our organization and of those we are so fortunate to serve.

FACT has provided me with a most gratifying opportunity over the past 12 years in helping to establish a new enterprise  that attracts, guides, builds and supports our personally motivated and dedicated team who provide safe and affordable mobility solutions for so many of our neighbors.

3.       What are the next steps for you as a leader of FACT?

FACT continues to evolve as well as adapt to rapid changes in transportation technologies and concepts. As the organization has transitioned from a start-up to an established mobility provider, I look forward to continuing to involve our Board in initiatives that will embrace innovation and ensure financial sustainability and thoughtful growth for the organization. An important role for our board is to ensure we continue to attract and retain proven professionals and evolving leaders who are prepared to seek opportunities, face challenges and develop effective strategies that provide the highest level of cost-effective services to the community.

I am pleased to remain part of the FACT leadership team along with our capable, dedicated Executive Director, Arun Prem, his staff and our many associates who are focused on helping others in our wonderful San Diego community so they may better live well and thrive!

Bob Campbell, Charter Board Member

Board Chairman 2012, 2017 & 2018

FACT – Facilitating Access to Coordinated Transportation