June 15, 2021

CSA San Diego ensures equal housing opportunities

Matthew Hoeg,  Fair Housing Outreach Coordinator, CSA San Diego

CSA San Diego County is a non-profit organization whose work ensures that residents have the same opportunities for housing by eliminating discriminatory practices due to the fact that stable housing is intricately linked to eliminating social health determinants. In the city of Chula Vista, CSA San Diego has made great strides on having a positive impact for their clients including those who face sources of income discrimination and disability discrimination as told by the stories below.

“A tenant in Chula Vista had applied for rental assistance and the housing service provider refused to fill out the form for the tenant’s money to come through. CSA San Diego County Fair Housing advised the housing service provider that it is against the law to deny verified sources of income inclusive of rental assistance funding. The housing service provider filled out the form, and the monies the tenant received went directly to pay her rent and she was able to continue living in her home.”

“An 80-year-old woman on Social Security received her check in the middle of the month and therefore had an arrangement to pay for rent on the 15th of the month and had been doing so since 2004. When new management arrived, they issued a Notice to Perform or Quit requesting the tenant pay the rent on the 1st of the month rather than the 15th. CSA San Diego County Fair Housing sent a letter asserting the tenant’s right to have a reasonable accommodation in place to pay the rent on the 15th, rather than the 1st because of her Social Security income. The onsite manager then allowed this to occur, and the tenant was allowed to continue paying rent once she received her income.”

These testimonials are just a few examples of the impact that CSA San Diego County has had. CSA San Diego County has also conducted at least 50 individualized trainings and seminars, in addition to holding their first annual symposium which drew together community partners from the health, economic, and social justice sectors to address the relationship between fair housing and opportunities for healthy lives, economic advancement, and justice. 

For more information about the services CSA San Diego County provides for the community, check out their website.