June 7, 2021

Like Having a second family

Written by  ElderHelp

“Home Sweet Home.” It’s where the jovial Jolene wants to be and the words she’s currently stitching on a gift for a friend. “I embroider pillow covers, towels, and all kinds of gifts for my friends,” Jolene shares. “It keeps me busy and makes people happy.”

Alone at the beginning of the pandemic, Jolene was struggling. Legally blind without family close by, she shares, “I don’t drive and had to take the bus to the doctor and grocery store. Then a friend told me about ElderHelp . Everyone is so nice and so kind, driving me around, bringing me groceries, and even a holiday gift. It’s like having another family.”

Jolene’s daughter has since moved closer. “Being so far away, I was worried constantly. Once my mom found ElderHelp, I slept better at night knowing she had someone to count on. You are what kept her going—not just the food and rides, but the company. Now that I’m here, I can see the difference you’re making. She smiles a lot, and the world just seems brighter.”



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