Save Lives By Getting First Aid Training for Free

NEWS // June 27, 2019

Save Lives By Getting First Aid Training for Free

Erika Mae Afable Bernardino, Heal Inc. Volunteer

CPR, if administered within the first 2 minutes, can double or even triple the chances of a person’s survival. Despite this, less than 30% of Americans have the training required to perform CPR. Furthermore, research shows how low socioeconomic status is associated with a decrease in likelihood of receiving CPR training, increasing the gap between wealth and health.

With the cost of CPR/ First Aid training ranging from $75 and up, the cost can create a barrier, preventing low-income communities from accessing CPR training. To make this training more accessible to all, Health Education Advocacy Leadership (Heal Inc.) provides free CPR/First Aid/AED training and reduces the cost of receiving an American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) certification card.

To reach communities in need of these classes, Heal Inc. collaborates with different community partners such as Words Alive to eliminate disparities associated with receiving CPR training. These free CPR/First Aid classes provide a platform to increase awareness of CPR/First Aid in low income and underserved communities. Using an interactive approach, participants gain in-depth knowledge required to help save a life and how to respond during emergency health situations.

Between May and June 2019, more than 45 participants have received free CPR/First Aid and 50 more participants are signed up for classes in July 2019. Training classes are offered up to twice a month to interested community members and non-profits upon request. 

Since 2014, 6,000 people have received free CPR training from Heal Inc. By making CPR and BLS certification more accessible and affordable, Heal Inc. hopes to provide more communities with the knowledge and skills to respond to emergencies and may increase job opportunities for those requiring CPR/First Aid training.  Most importantly, Heal Inc. hopes to give the community the knowledge, training, and the confidence needed to help save a life.

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