Woman walking the runway during the fashion show

NEWS // May 25, 2016

Seniors Walk the Runway for Charity and Fun

San Diego OASIS is committed to keeping life after 50 a fun adventure.  They offer lots of exciting journeys, some that travel down airplane runways and others that travel down fashion runways.  About six months ago, one of their members met with President and CEO, Simona Valanciute, and asked about putting together a fashion show featuring San Diego OASIS members as volunteer models and show coordinators.  The event would raise money for the Intergenerational Tutoring and Mentoring Program that provides literacy tutoring in 101 schools around San Diego County. 

Member interest in the idea soared. Before they knew it, they had a diverse team of volunteers including a retired school principal, sales executive, image consultant, retail fashion director, nonprofit executive and other retired professionals who wanted to put their skills to work to create a successful fundraising event.  The coordinating team strategized and was able to partner with Macy’s Mission Valley, who agreed to provide a fashion coordinator and clothes for the show.  The team recruited students from a local beauty school to provide hair and makeup and runway models were recruited from their own membership at San Diego OASIS.

The event was a roaring success put together by older adults that want to stay healthy and active and learn new things during the best years of their life.  The team brought together almost 300 older adults on a Saturday afternoon for a fashion show and tea at Macy’s Mission Valley.  The event offered over 30 raffle prizes and gift bags for everyone and raised almost $5,000 to support the Intergenerational Tutoring and Mentoring Program.

San Diego OASIS offers exciting classes and activities every day that stimulate the mind and the body and offer opportunities to engage and give back to the community.  To sign up for classes or to volunteer, call (619) 881-6262 or go to