Be There San Diego Collaboration Reduces Heart Attacks in County by 22%

NEWS // May 29, 2019

Be There San Diego Collaboration Reduces Heart Attacks in County By 22%

Lana Findlay, Sup. Health Information Specialist, County of San Diego

A recent analysis published by Health Affairs California in their September 2018 edition showed that a local collaboration, known as Be There San Diego, demonstrated significant reductions in heart attacks in San Diego County over a six year period.

The analysis found that San Diego County’s total number of heart attacks decreased by 22 percent between 2011 and 2016, compared to an 8 percent decrease in the rest of California during the same time period.

Be There San Diego is a coalition of patients, communities, healthcare systems and other organizations, including the County of San Diego, who are working together to educate and engage patients and communities in understanding and taking action to address the risk factors that cause heart attacks and strokes.

Their Heart Attack and Stroke Free Zone collaborative works to increase educational efforts and health coaching for patients at high-risk for cardiovascular disease. Through the Southeastern San Diego Cardiac Disparities Project, organizations are working with faith-based organizations to help them develop their own unique plans to eliminate heart disease in their community. And finally, their Accountable Communities for Health collaboration is tackling other contributing factors to health, such as race, socio-economic status and the environment, to develop new approaches to wellness.

These numbers show that the year-round work of communities and organizations like those in the Be There San Diego initiative are having a measurable impact on chronic disease prevention.