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NEWS // May 26, 2019

City of Carlsbad Awards Grants to Organizations to Help Those in Need

Nancy Melander, Management Analyst, City of Carlsbad

The Carlsbad City Council awarded $565,819 in federal grants to help low-income residents at its meeting on May 14, 2019, focusing on services and other assistance for the city’s homeless residents.

The grants, called Community Development Block Grants, are provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), who regulates how funds are awarded with grant amounts determined by a formula. The program distributes money to eligible cities and counties so they can improve life for lower income families.

The City of Carlsbad applies the grants to projects and services that directly benefit lower income residents. Social service organizations apply for the grants, and a seven-member citizen’s advisory committee recommends the preferred candidates. Staff then proposes a list of recipients to the City Council, which makes a final decision.

The City of Carlsbad Housing and Neighborhood Services Department received applications from 10 organizations for grants ranging from $10,000 to $95,000 for the upcoming year.

The City Council awarded the following grants to six public service organizations:

The City Council also awarded $95,000 to the Casa De Amparo Teen Wellness Center as part of its public facilities award, and $22,000 to the Legal Aid Society for fair housing services as part of its administration award. It also awarded $90,413 to the City of Carlsbad Housing & Neighborhood Services Department for program administration. The largest award, for $272,784, went to the City of Carlsbad to help purchase affordable housing units to help house low-income residents.

This article originally appeared on the City of Carlsbad website. Read the full article here: