NEWS // June 10, 2019

Mother Finds Comfort and Support at Crisis House

Melanie a mother of five children from Washington State, spent years with an abusive partner. She finally left when he set fire to her vehicle with her and her children inside of it. She and her son were hospitalized, and her husband was incarcerated. When she was discharged, Melanie and her children spent 16 days living in a motel. She was out of money, and her only option was living on the streets. That is when Melanie found Crisis House.

When she tells her story, she explains that without Crisis House she does not know where her family would be. She is always emotional because she can't imagine putting her children in yet another dangerous and unstable situation. She loves them, and they depend on her. Her children too express their appreciation for Crisis House. Her young son said, "Crisis House loves kids."

Women like Melanie and children like Melanie's children is why Crisis House exists. She came to Crisis when she was afraid. She felt she had no options. When she entered the transitional housing program, she quickly received her beautician's license and began working. She then applied to and was awarded the "Live our Dream" scholarship from Soroptimist International of Poway and North San Diego. With the help of this scholarship, Melanie completed her course requirements and received an Associate's Degree. She also graduated into permanent housing. Her kids are safe and thriving. The whole family stays connected by attending Crisis House's family-friendly events and support groups. 

Melanie is a survivor. Her story is an inspiration to us all. Crisis House is so grateful to be able to impact the lives of women and their children who are fleeing domestic violence.