Trauma Research & Education Foundation Improves Safety for Residents

NEWS // June 27, 2019

Trauma Research & Education Foundation Improves Safety for Residents

The Trauma Research and Education Foundation has engaged with many community partners over the past year on several injury prevention and safety education initiatives.

Trauma Research & Education Foundation improved safety for residents by:

•         Training 3,040 individuals in basic hemorrhage control utilizing the national Stop the Bleed training techniques. The goal is for everyone (lay people and health care workers) to be able to control or stop life-threatening bleeding until medical responders arrive on scene.

o   Those trained include:

  • Local College security personnel, teachers, and students
  • School nurses and health care technicians
  • Rotary and local clubs, philanthropic and special interest groups
  • San Diego Medical Reserve Corps
  • High school students
  • Lifeguards and Junior lifeguards

•         Collaborating with the 6 trauma centers and San Diego County Emergency Medical Services to provide a regional surveillance and data collection plan for the injuries and issues surrounding the electronic scooter influx.

o   New mechanism of injury codes were agreed upon as a trauma system so that we can correctly identify the numbers of trauma patients seen due to the e-scooters

o   Data was compiled and shared with key stakeholders dealing with this issue at the levels of legislation, community safety education-injury prevention, and research

•         Preventing injuries through partnerships:

o   My Grey Matterz –skateboard helmet safety advocacy

o   San Diego Bicycle Coalition- data provision for identification of focused injury prevention efforts surrounding pedestrian, bicycle, skateboard, and scooter related incidents

o   Bike to Work Day-sponsored helmet giveaways at safety education booths