Third Avenue Village Association Thanks Community

Third Avenue Village Association Supports Businesses While Flattening the Curve

NEWS // June 5, 2020

Author: William Lopez, Principal, Alternative Strategies

Chula Vista’s Third Avenue Village Association (TAVA) ramped up for action during the recent COVID-19 outbreak. While many of the association’s businesses faced uncertainty, the TAVA Board of Directors, including representatives from the City of Chula Vista and County of San Diego, took swift action to increase marketing efforts to promote and support the businesses as they gradually reopened on Third Avenue.

During the first month of working with the marketing firm Alternative Strategies, TAVA saw a 10% rise in social media followers and an increase in print, radio, television, and online PR exposure. A host of graphics and visuals were also created to promote businesses that were open for pick-up/take-out/delivery services.

“TAVA was fortunate to have funding available that we could direct toward enhanced marketing,” said Kendell Manion, President of Third Avenue Village Association.

“Prior to the pandemic, TAVA small businesses were experiencing rapid growth and vitality and the board wanted to assist in continuing that momentum as the community begins to reopen.”

William Lopez, Owner of Alternative Strategies is “honored to play a role in TAVA’s mission to ‘create, promote, and champion a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly destination leading to increased sales, property values and community pride.’”

TAVA will continue to utilize the services of Alternative Strategies to market the Village to the San Diego region. Together, they anticipate a vibrant and successful recovery for all!